ADA - Three Letters and Much More

February 2, 2016

The digitalization of the world is a key phenomenon of the present day, as almost all services needed by people are increasingly available on the Internet: food deliveries, beauty and wellness services, ticket sales, banking services… just to name a few. At the same time, the digitalization of society changes all lines of business, whether we like it or not.

But why wouldn’t we like it, especially when we are delighted to see that there are service providers of car maintenance and ownership related services also on the Internet nowadays (and ADA Drive is a good example of that!)? This way – by offering real-time services and factual, up-to-date information on the Internet – various actors of the automotive industry and ultimately also the individual consumers will receive comprehensive information about their vehicles easily and reliably. When you own a vehicle, what would be more useful than getting to know in advance how much the maintenance service of the vehicle will cost or what will have to be done to the vehicle this time by the mechanic? At least personally, I really appreciate that I don’t have to guess how much the bill is going to be when I am going to pick up my car from the car service. Even better, I also know how long the work is going to take, so I don’t need worry about whether my car is ready tomorrow or the day after that.

What’s more, also the repair shops benefit from being able to plan and utilize their resources more effectively and accurately, reducing overhead and idle time. Additional services and campaigns that are easy to implement online drive revenue for the repair shop, while also allowing consumers such as myself to take care of several maintenance needs conveniently all at once, without separate visits to the repair shop.

But before this kind of the service can be offered to automotive industry players and consumers, what’s needed is a vast, up-to-date database of technical information on vehicles from a reliable source, complete with a wide selection of matching, targeted products such as spare parts and additional equipment, offered in cooperation with various suppliers and partners. With this huge pool of information, offering good service to consumers is easy and repeatable – not guesswork or something that relies on “luck”.

After that, it is still necessary for a company to measure and evaluate consumer experiences and the indicators thereof on a regular, ongoing basis. By doing so, the company can maintain and improve its service level, ensuring that it can quickly and flexibly respond to changing consumer needs, as vehicles are constantly becoming more digital and “smart”.

Service providers like ADA Drive need to have up-to-date information at all times in order to serve our customers accurately, effectively, and conveniently, ensuring high quality and promoting safety, whether the customers are car dealers, repair shops, spare parts and tire retailers or even individual consumers. These things are essentially the drivers of our profitability, but they drive value equally to our customers.

Only time will tell how the continuing digitalization will impact the automotive industry in the coming years. What’s certain, however, is that ADA Drive wants to be in the driver’s seat, enabling the transformation of the industry towards an ever-more digital future.